Chief Editor and Founder of Bali Discovery in motorcycle accident.

John Daniels

On Thursday, 15 April 2021, our Chief Editor and founder of Bali Discovery, John Daniels, was in a motorcycle accident during his daily commute. Another motorcyclist cut in front of John, causing the accident. John has been in the hospital since, with his leg broken in two areas. We are waiting to hear back from doctors and medical staff about his road to recovery. We will be sure to keep you posted on John’s health and welling being.

This report brings sadness to the staff and Bali Discovery community, as John has been the primary author and editor of the news we read everyday.

Speaking to John yesterday afternoon, he seemed in great spirits and thankful for the medical staff at his attention. When asked about setting up any GoFundMe or donation towards his medical expenses, John refused and asked that individuals wishing to help give funds towards Bali Discovery so that we continue the rich tradition of publishing news and events of our great Bali community.

We wish John the fastest recovery possible and that the medical staff attending to him provide healing and comfort. John for sure will be gracing us with his words and insights very soon on!

30 April 2021 Update: Bali Update resumed publication on 30 April 2021 with Edition #1258 prepared following John Daniels’ release from Bali Mandara Hospital following major orthopedic leg surgery (two platinum plates and 11 screws). Awaiting bruised ribs to heal, John remains “chair-bound” but hopes to be mobile and on crutches in the near future.

John will be preparing future articles and publishing Bali Update from his home – perhaps mellowed in tone by pain medications. He wishes to thank all the many well wishers who inquired regarding his condition and sent their best wishes. Special thanks to those who took the mishap as an occasion to make an encouraging contribution to Bali Update’s continuing Go Fund Me Campaign.