Coffee with a Kick – Nusantara Cold Brew

Spice Islands Distilling has simultaneously released in three cities what they described as “Indonesia’s first premium craft coffee liqueur – Nusantara Cold Brew.”

The grand launch in Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali took place in November 2020. The company executives boast their new product will be the first in a range of Indonesian super-premium spirits and liqueurs.

Nusantara Cold Brew is made from 100% Coffee Arabica discerningly selected from crops grown in Toraja (Sulawesi), West Java, Kintamani, and Aceh Gayo (North Sumatra). Cold-brewed and hand made in small batches, Nusantara Cold Brew is deep, rich, and full-bodied with more than ten times the coffee content of commercially available coffee liqueurs and half the sugar. Nusantara Cold Brew is a delicious and versatile cocktail ingredient with no artificial flavoring or additives and makes outstanding coffee negronis, coffee old fashioned’s, and espresso martini.

Recipes using Nusantara Cold Brew Online .

Due to COVID conditions, Nusantara Cold Brew will also be doing a series of small scale events allowing trade and consumers to safely enjoy coffee cocktails in key outlets in Jakarta, Bali & Bandung over the months of November and December. Plans are to begin exporting the Nusantara Cold Brew in 2021.

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