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Coming Podcast with Minister of Tourism

08 March 2021 Podcast Interview with Indonesian Tourism Minister, Sandiaga Uno.

On Monday, 08 March 2021, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, kindly agreed to participate in a podcast interview with John Daniels as part of the Bali Update Podcast Series.

In a series of wide-ranging exchanges, Minister Sandiaga spoke of government support to the ailing tourism industry, the development of new super tourism destinations, the creation of COVID-controlled travel corridors, the risk of unhealthy price competition among Bali hotels, his thoughts on reviving small and medium-sized enterprises, and his vision for a broader geographic distribution of tourism investment across the Island of Bali.

The extensive interview with Minister is undergoing a final edit and vetting and will be uploaded soon to,, and

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