Cornerstone Laid for Gianyar Central Market

On Tuesday, 18 August 2020, Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster, accompanied by the Regent of Gianyar Made “Agus” Mahayastra, placed the cornerstone for a new Public Market in Gianyar.

As reported by NusaBali, the new public market will stand on a 1.297-hectare site with a total development cost. Rp. Two hundred fifty billion paid from the Gianyar Regency’s Annual Budget for 2020.

The revitalization of the Gianyar Public Market is being undertaken to repair that market’s current image as a dirty and chaotic place to become a modern and user-friendly 7-storey modern shopping area. Two of the seven-storeys will be basement areas with the remaining five-storey reserved for commerce. In all, 1.784 separate commercial units will form part of the new market complex.

The basement areas will be reserved for parking with one level transforming each evening into a covered night market sufficient for 240 traders.

Gianyar’ Regent Mahauastra said that when the new market is finally built, it will become the commercial heart of the City of Gianyar, where billions of Rupiahs in transactions will take place every day.

The Gianyar Market is scheduled for completion in November 2021.