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Domestic Travel Rules as of 01 April 2021

What You Need to Know Before You Travel in Indonesia.

The Indonesian National Team for the Mitigation of COVID-19 published their latest circular memorandum (Number 12 of 2021) detailing the latest requirements for domestic travel in Indonesia.

The memorandum was signed on 26 March by the chairman of the Task Force, Doni Manado, and went into effect on 01 April 2021.

As reported by, the memorandum required all domestic travelers to Bali by land, sea, or air must present an official “negative” test result for COVID-19 from a test that was performed within 2 x 24 hours of the travelers’ departure for Bali.

New in the 01 April 2021 rules is the option of presenting a COVID-19 screening performed by PCR Swab Test, Rapid Antigen Test, or a GeNose C19 test. All travelers are also required to complete an e-HAC Indonesia Card (Indonesian Health Alert Card).

The GeNose C19 Test is a modern coronavirus detection monitor created and built-in in Indonesia that has received Indonesian government approval. Price considerably less than other testing methods, those being tested must breathe into a plastic bag for analysis and rapid detection of the virus.

 Other rules and regulations included in the latest circular memorandum:

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