Grab Launches Fleet of Electrical Vehicles reports that Bali now has a small, but growing, armada of electric motor scootters and supporting charging stations (SPBKLU) across the island.

The online transportation provider Grab, is working to protect the ecosystem with the placement of 30 electric motor scootters supported by 7 charging stations across Bali.

Grab has taken this step in support of Regulation Number 45 and Number 48 of 2019 on Clean Energy and the use of Electrified Battery-driven vehicles to keep the Island clean and green.

Neneng Goenadi, country managing director, Grab Indonesia, said: “In order to support the mission of the government to reduce carbon emissions by 29% by 2030, we have launched in 2019 a roadmap for the use of electrified vehicle in Indonesia.” Goenadi added: “Today we are proud to enlarge our outreach to include Bali by bring electric vehicles and electrical recharge stations to the Island in order to support the creation of a traffic and transport system that is environmentally friendly and efficient.”

The implementation of electrical power not only follows government regulations on green and clean power, but is also in keeping with the mission of GrabForGood, Grab is focusing on the development of important sectors in the National economy, such as the creation of an electrical transportation system.

With the Bali launch, Grab is the first company in Indonesia to operate more than 5,000 electrical vehicles in Indonesia. 

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