Indonesia Ends Emergency Stay Permits

The Director-General of Immigration has issued a circular memo on 10 July 2020 (Nomor: IMI-GR.01.01-1102 TAHUN 2020) announcing the end of the emergency over-stay facility for foreign travelers stranded in Indonesia due to the cessation of flights during the global COVID-19 Pandemic.

The key points addressed in the Director-General’s Circular Memorandum are:

Restoration of Temporary Stay Permits (ITAS) and Holders of Expired Permanent Stay Permits (ITAP)

  • Foreign nationals currently residing outside of Indonesia holding an expired temporary stay permit (ITAS), permanent stay permit (ITAP), and/or a re-entry permits (IMK) and also holding an approval issued by the relevant ministry/technical agency, are allowed to return to Indonesia to extend their stay permits at any immigration office. This grace period to return to Indonesia and extend their stay permits is valid for 60 days starting from 13 July 2020.
  • Foreign nationals who do not hold an expired ITAS, ITAP, or IMK and wishing to enter Indonesia must apply for an appropriate visa before arrival from an Indonesian Embassy abroad.

Extending a Valid ITK, ITAS or ITAP

  • Foreign nationals holding a valid Visitors Permit (ITK), ITAS, or ITAP and are already present in Indonesia can apply for an extension of their current stay permit at an immigration office in keeping with current rules and regulations.

Restoration of Visa Status for ITK Permit Holders

  • Holders of a Visitors Permit (ITK – Izin Tinggal Kunjungan), who have already obtained an Emergency Stay Permit (ITKT – Izin Tinggal Kesadaan Terpaksa), can extend their current stay based on the existing ITK as long as the COVID-19 Pandemic remains in effect and there no transportation means are available for them to depart Indonesia.
  • Foreigners who have already extended their ITK are permitted to apply for an ITAS under the existing rules.
  • Foreigners holding an ITK who have been granted an ITKT facility have 30 days from 13 July to extend their stay permit.
  • Foreigners who do not qualify for the restoration of their visa status outlined above and who fail to exit Indonesia by 13 July 2020 are subject to administrative sanctions under immigration rules and regulations.

Temporary Stay Permit Holders (ITAS)

  • Foreigners holding an ITAS who obtained an ITKT due to the Pandemic can now apply for an extension of their expired ITAS under the rules and regulations of Indonesian Immigration.
  • Once a foreigner has obtained an ITAS as described above, they can apply for an ITAP under the existing regulations.
  • Foreigners holding an ITAS that has expired and who received an ITKT but do not apply to extend their ITAS under the current rules are required to leave Indonesia within 30 days from 13 July 2020.
  • Those who fail to apply to extend an ITAS and fail to leave Indonesia by 13 August 2020 are subject to regulated sanctions and penalties from the Department of Immigration.

Permanent Stay Permit Holders (ITAP)

  • Foreigners who hold an ITAP that expired during the pandemic crisis and who obtained an ITKT can now apply to extend their expired ITAP.
  • Foreigners holding an ITAP who obtained an ITKT and are unable to extend their ITAP under the existing rules and regulations are required to leave Indonesia within 30 days of 13 July.
  • Those unable to extend their ITAP and who fail to leave Indonesia are subject to regulated sanctions and penalties from the Department of Immigration.

Visa on Arrival Holders (VKSK)

  • Foreigners who arrived in Indonesia and received a visa issued on arrival and subsequently an ITKT because of the pandemic shutdown are allowed to extend their stay until transportation is available that permits them to leave Indonesia.
  • Any extension must be obtained before 13 August 2020.
  • Failure to obtain an approved extension before this deadline is subject to regulated sanctions and penalties from the Department of Immigration.

Visa-Free Visits (BVK)

  • Foreigners who arrived in Indonesia on a Visa-Free Status and who obtained an emergency extension (ITKT), are required to leave Indonesia before 13 August 2020.
  • Failure to leave Indonesia before this date is subject to regulated sanctions and penalties from the Department of Immigration.

ITK and ITAS Holder Holding an Authorizing telex visa notification

  • A foreigners holding ITK and ITAS who is in possession of an authorizing telex issued by the immigration department who are still in Indonesian territory can apply for an ITK and ITAS at an immigration office without the usual requirement to first leave Indonesia to receive the visa from an Indonesian Embassy abroad and then re-enter the Country.
  • ITK and ITAS holders with authorizing telexes will be given the applicable visa after paying the official visa fee at the local immigration office under Government Regulation Number 28 of 2019.
  • The official visa fee at the local immigration office should be transacted online using the type of payment in place for on-arrival-visas already in place for VKSK and VITAS, using the “Billing Simponi” online application.
  • Proof of the non-tax payment (PNBP) for a VKSK and VITAS-on-arrival described above, shall be deemed evidence of a valid visa.

The above information represents’s free translation of the circular memorandum referenced above. Rules, regulations, and interpretations may vary. Those using immigration services are obliged to personally ensure they are following the correct directives and applicable rules of the Immigration Department.

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