Making Quality Tourism Sustainable

The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy has entered into a collaborative relationship with a new online application, “Carbon Footprint Calculator and Offsetting.”

Carbon Footprint

As reported by, the new application seeks to support both quality tourism and encourage environmentally sustainable tourist activities that result in a small carbon footprint.

The Program Carbon Footprint Calculator (CFPC) fits with the larger goal of the Tourism Ministry to reduce carbon footprints and greenhouse gasses, limiting the effects of climate change.

Commenting on the new CPFC online application, Sandiaga Uno, the Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, said: “I wish to emphasize that tourism and creative economy activities must, as their primary intent, focus on protecting the environment. 

“Today, with the kick-off of the (CPFC) program, we hope to start collaborations with many stakeholders. Such partnerships should form a national movement to overcome the many problems connected with climate change and achieve sustainable tourism development,” said Sandiaga.

Sandiaga explained that the available data demonstrates that the global tourism industry contributes 8% of global carbon emissions. Because of this, he asks that tourist travelers pay attention to their carbon footprint to safeguard quality tourism and ensure long-term sustainability.

“Economic development, cultural preservations, and environmental sustainability share a common theme and tone; this is in keeping with the growing trend for tourism to become more personalized, customized, local, and with small impacts,” said Sandiaga.”

The CPFC Application was created by the company The CEO of the application developer, Arfan Arlanda, expressed his pride that the Indonesian Tourism Ministry has taken the initiative to promote CPFC in support of environmental sustainability.

Arfan said that he hoped the software developed by will significantly contribute to the battle against climate change and help reduce carbon emissions in Indonesia. Adding: “I hope this extraordinary initiative does not end here and can be implemented in tourism’s private sector and the private sector as a whole to result in a significant positive impact for all of Indonesia.”

The Carbon Footprint Calculator (CFPC) Application can be accessed and downloaded on the website. 

As a first step, the Ministry of Tourism invites the public to offset their carbon footprint by planting trees in their surrounding environment. 

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