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A Badly Tended Garden in the Sky

Badung Regency Officials in Bali Place Closure Stickers on entrance of Sky Garden Discotheque for Failing to Hold Proper Business Registration

NusaBali reports that Bandung Regency Enforcement Officer (Satpol PP) have placed stickers at the entrance to the Sky Garden Discotheque in Legian, Kuta ordering it to halt operations until it can prove it has all operating permits in hand.

The “order to close” stickers were installed by Satpol PP officials mid-day on Friday, March 15, 2019.

The head of Satpol PP for Bandung, I Gusti Agung Surya Kerthanegara, explained the official “sealing” of the business took place mid-day on Friday. More than 10 enforcement visited Sky Garden demanding to be shown all the required permits and licenses. The management of the popular night spot were reportedly unable to present a certificate showing completed registration as a tourism business (TDUP). Immediately thereafter, the “first reminder” in the form of a sticker ordering the Sky Garden’s temporary closure were affixed to the entrance.

Kerthanegara explained on Sunday, March 17, 2019: “We issued the first warning because the Sky Garden does not have an operational permit. In the past, they had one, but that expired last January. But until this date, the necessary permit has not been secured. We therefore issued the first warning.”

Kerthanegara continued explaining that the TDUP help by Sky Garden ended on January 16, 2019. The Regency official claimed the company has shown no good will in extending its old permit, despite being summoned on February 12, 2019. The Sky Garden did not answer the summons, prompting the issuance of a second summons on February 26, 2019. Three days later the management of the Sky Garden reported to the Sat Pol  PP office to make a formal promise to organize the permit.

Kerthanegara told officials that there had been a change of management and the current management was unaware that the old TDUP had expired. At that point, the new management of Sky Garden issued a formal promise to complete the registration process. But, after 15 working days had passed, the Sky Garden had not kept its promise causing Sat Pol PP officials to undertake the raid and install stickers ordering the night spot to close.

The “first reminder” in the form of the closure sticker will apply for another 15 working days. If, at that point, the TDUP has still not been issued a “second reminder” will be issued. Kerthanegara said The Sky Garden will be closed if it cannot organize the needed permit.

Efforts by NusaBali to contact the manager of Sky Garden, Harianto, by telephone were unsuccessful.

Image: Satpol PP