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A Lackluster Application of the Law

Light Narcotics Sentences Reports Prompt Procedural Reviews by Supreme Court and National Prosecutors

NusaBali reports that the Bali Prosecutors Office is reportedly under scrutiny by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK) for what is perceived as unusually lenient sentences being handed down in narcotics and other trials. At the same time, the Agency for Judicial Supervision (BAWAS) from the Supreme Court (MA) is also visiting the Denpasar District Court (PN), again reportedly fueled also by suspicions of unusually ight sentences.

Information gathered by NusaBali from the KPK Team is that their investigation was precipitated by the large number of very light sentences being requested by prosecutors in narcotics and other criminal cases.

Meanwhile, another unnamed source said there is one Bali Prosecutor being examined by the KPK for his pattern of very light sentencing demands.

The head of intelligence at the Bali Prosecutor’s Office, Eko Hening Wardono, refutes reports of unusually light sentencing demands. He claim the current reports are linked to an ongoing case in Jakarta in which a Bali Prosecutor was mentioned as being under suspicion. The Jakarta-based prosecutor had been reassigned to Jakarta on July 3, 2019.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Denpasar District Court (KPN), Bambang Eka Putra, told NusaBali on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, that a 4-day visit to the Denpasar Court by BAWAS was merely a routine annual visit and had no connection with report of light sentences. 

The Denpasar District Court has been criticized in the Bali media for very light sentences handed down to narcotic offenders who were often being given rehabilitative sentences without any prison time. These reports have been accompanied by additional suggestions of bribery and corruption in the legal process. 

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