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Police in Bali React Angrily to Reports in Jakarta Press on Heightened Security at Ngurah Rai Airport

The head of the Ngurah Rai Airport Police Precinct, Agung Budiarto, has complained on about incorrect reporting by a Jakarta based newspaper reporting heightened security measures at Bali’s Airport

As reported by Nusa Bali, Airport Police in Bali have taken exception with reports published by The Jakarta Post on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 that stated security measures were put on a higher level following a foiled suicide bombing attempt in Sukoharjo, Central Java.

The Jakarta Post article "Bali Beefs Up Airport Security After Failed Central Java Bombing’" was seen by the Airport Police as an exaggeration. The article, widely circulated on social media, reportedly misrepresented ongoing security measures at Bali’s international Airport as extraordinary following the Central Java furtive terrorist attack.

Budiarto said: “We strongly refute the news report. The activities performed up to now are part of the ongoing Raise Police Presence (K2YD). These are security routine measures involving all security elements such as the Air Force, the K-9 Division of the Bali Police, and Angkasa Pura Security.”

The K2YD activities are targeting boxed delivery trucks and private vehicles performed at the tollgate at the airport’s entrance, and the inspection of identity documents of visitors at various points in the airport including places of worship.

Budiarto said security measures at Bali airport reflected good cooperation between the police and the larger community working at Ngurah Rai Airport represented by the Aviation Security Committee (ASC). Budiarto added: “There was no heightening of the security measures after the Solo bombing.”

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