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Two Balinese Hospitalized with Serious Burns When Portable Oven at Mass Cremation in Northwest Bali Explodes

A mass cremation ceremony help in Negari Village, Banjarangkan, Klungkung on Sunday, July 7, 3019, caused injuries to six people attending a funereal ceremony, sending at least two to the Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar for the treatment of their burns.

As a service to the public unable to pay for a large private cremation, mass cremations are conducted in Bali at which bodies of community members, sometimes amounting to only skeletal remains, are burt communally.

Bali Express identified the two suffering serious burns as Cokorda Suama Putra (68) of Tampaksiring and I Wayan Murdika (46) of Negari. The reaming four less-seriously injured not requiring hospitalization were: Ni Wayan Keteg (58), I Putu Adi Kencana (10), I Komang Andreas Putra (9) and I Nyoman Cita (53).

The accident took place at the Negari Setra (cremation grounds) at around 12 noon. A large portable oven used to cremate human remains exploded when one of its fuels lines became clogged. Police theorize that when a new fuel line was installed, one of the mourners attending the service accidentally ignited the explosion while burning incense.

The two men sent to Denpasar for urgent treatment suffered burns over between 50% and 69% of their bodies.

(Image: Fajar Bali)

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