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Another Bevy of Bulgarian Bandits Busted in Bali

More Bulgarian Arrested in Bali for Skimming ATM Machines. Transnational Criminals Targeting Bali for ATM-Credit Card Fraud

NusaBali reports that the Criminal Division of the Bali Police have once again managed to arrest a group of Bulgarian trans-national criminals operating an ATM skimming scheme in Bali.

The arrest confirms that after a series of similar police busts over the past year (see related articles), that Bali has become a favored target by transnational criminals dealing in ATM and credit card fraud, many based in Bulgaria.

Three Bulgarians - Kaloyan Kirilov Spasov, Nikolay Valentino Dinev and Lyubomir Todorov Bogdanov, were apprehended after they defrauded what police say was hundreds of millions of Rupiah from several ATMs in the Kuta area of Bali. Police arrested the three in front of the Nirmala Minimarket in Pecatu on Wednesday, April 10th at 2:30 am after the trio had performed a fraudulent transaction at an ATM machine using data stolen from a customer using the machine earlier in the day.

Police were clued-in by reports from several banks who noted suspicious transactions at several ATM locations in Kuta. Follow up reviews of CCTV footage eventually led the police to make the arrests

With photographs and descriptions of the three Bulgarians in hand, police placed surveillance teams at several locations, including the ATM at the Nirmala Minimarket in South Kuta. The three eventually surfaced at the Minimarket at 2:30 am driving a rented vehicle.

The three were arrested in the process of making a transaction.

Police searched the three and then brought them to their rented quarters in Pecatu where police confiscated a Wi-Fi router, camera, three laptops, two wallets, two hand phones and Rp 2 million in cash.

The evidence and three perpetrators are now in the custody of the Bali police and State Prosecutors.

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