Bali Hai, Bali Dry

Bali May Suffer Severe Water Shortages by 2025

Experts are predicting that by 2025 Bali will run out of fresh water because of widespread saltwater intrusion into the water table.

As reported by, the Island’s tourism industry is being seen as the main culprit for this water shortage due to its unbridled demand for fresh water.

Each day, some 3 million liters of water or about 60% of total fresh water consumption in Bali, is used by the tourism industry. This compares with the relatively modest 100,000 liters of water used daily by domestic households in Bali.

Dr. I Made Sudarma of the Center for Environmental Studies (PPLH) at Udayana University, said on Wednesday, July 3, 2019, that Bali is creating a large water usage deficit, consuming much more fresh water each day than its returns to the aquifer.

The situation is made critical by the shrinking amount of open green spaces in Bali resulting from over development of hotels, villas and the supporting infrastructures. Also to blame are blatant violations and lack of enforcement of zoning coefficient rules that mandate open spaces form a part of every construction project. Water that should be reabsorbed back into aquifers and returned to the water tables, now wastefully runs off into rivers and the surrounding sea.

Sudarma predicts that one of the worst affected areas will be the Sanur Village area of Bali. Also highlighted to suffer severe water shortages ate Buleleng in North Bali, the southern regions of Klungkung, and South Badung where many hotel developments are located in Bali.  Dryness in some of these areas is more linked to climatic conditions – such as El Nino – than tourism development. The El Nino phenomenon is creating a prolonged dry season in some parts of Bali.

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