Bali Zoo to the Rescue

Bali Zoo Comes to the Rescue of Endangered Animals
The Bali Zoo in Gianyar received five wild animals rescued by The Bali Natural Resource Agency (BKSDA-Bali) on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

As reported by and the State News Agency Antara, the animals were handed over to the Zoo by a team from BKSDA-Bali.

The 5 rescue animals now in the safekeeping of the Bali Zoo include two porcupines (Hystrix Javanicus), one Javan lutung (Trachypitecus aurotus), one barking deer (Muntiancus muntjak), and one jungle leopard (Felis begalensis).

The five animals were confiscated from a private collection at Rumah Pohon – a tourist attraction located in Karangasem.

Speaking on behalf of the Bali Zoo, Emma Chandra, said: “All these animals will be in quarantine for 14 days to prevent the spread of any communicable disease that could endanger other animals, staff, or zoo visitors.” All the rescued animals also underwent a detailed examination by Zoo veterinarians to identify and treat any existing wounds or illnesses.

Chandra said the Bali Zoo feels it is their obligation to accept wild animals rescued by the government to assist in conservation and preservation efforts. A decision will be made on whether it will be possible to release the rescued animals back into the wild.

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