Beggars Be Gone from Bali

Bali Says Destitute Tourists Visitors to be Handed Over to their Respective Embassies reports that Bali, having grown tired of begging and panhandling foreign tourists who are becoming a public nuisance in Bali, immigration authorities are threatening to round up these near-do-wells and hand them over to their respective embassies for final disposition.

The growing number of down and out tourists has been at the source of a number of complaints from the local public and visiting tourists tired of being hassled for money. In some cases, these tourists become involved in petty crime in Bali in an effort to fund their holiday on the Island.

The head of the intelligence section of the Ngurah Rai Airport Immigration Office, Setyo Budiwardoyo, said: “We will send to their embassy or ask assistance from the embassy for the many foreigners who have no money or pretend to be homeless.”

Setyo said the handling, feeding and housing of destitute foreigners in Bali is the responsibility of their respective consulate in Bali or embassy in Jakarta.

Setyo complained the Indonesian hosts feel obliged to feed people taken into custody. Saying budgets were lacking to feed people pretending to be destitute, the immigration official said that letters would be written or telephone calls placed to the embassies or consulates advising that they have one of their nationals in need of assistance and protection. enumerated a number of cases mentioned by immigration involving foreign visitors posing as penniless and causing disruption in the community. These include a Danish national who in December 2018 was admitted to Bali’s Mental Health Asylum in Bangli because he was disrupting the peace and physically threating local residents; John Thorn Charlton (42) - an Australian who was arrested on January 31, 2019 for disorderly conduct disturbing guests staying in hotels in Kuta, and Auj-e Taqaddas the U.K. National who assaulted an immigration official at Bali’s Airport.

Immigration officials. There are a growing number of cases of foreigners behaving badly including, most recently, an Australian apprehended while purse snatching.

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