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Can the Environmental Damaged Done to Benoa be Undone?

Pelindo III told to Halt Commercial Exploitation and Reclamation of Port of Benoa

Tempo.co reports that the Indonesian Government is formally evaluating Pelindo III’s development and reclamation of the Port of Benoa. The Deputy in charge of Infrastructure for the Coordinating Maritime Ministry, Ridwan Djamaluddin, confirmed that the evaluation underway reflects an agreement reached after considering the environmental impact of the reclamation undertaken by PT Pelindo III at the South Bali Port.

Djamaluddin explained that the initial evaluation performed by the Government concluded that the reclamation of an 85-hectare area of the port must be halted. Meanwhile, Pelindo III has been ordered to redesign the port to provide for 17-hectares of reforested mangrove forests based on expert advice from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB).

Djamaluddin said that during the entire process of conserving the port area, PT Pelindo III and the Port Master Office of Benoa will observe and review the master plan for the port (RIP). That plan will become the base document for the current and future use of the port.

The revitalization of the port to correct the many violations and environmental outrages committed by Pelindo II will be monitored by a special team including Bali provincial authorities and academic experts who will present objective recommendations for the ongoing development of the port. The development of the port will no longer be prioritized for business profit but, instead, for the public interest.

At a press conference held at the residence of Bali’s Governor on Saturday, September 7, 2019, Djamaluddin said, “The recommendations (for the future of the Port) will consider the need of the Central and Regional government together with the local wisdom of the Balinese people.

The CEO of Pelindo III, Doso Agung, explained that in the public’s interests two reclaimed areas (Dumping I and Dumping II) would be used to relocate mass LPG storage, the installation of storage tanks for aviation fuel for the nearby Ngurah Rai Airport and an enlargement of the container terminal. While the development of the port would be halted on land, development would continue on the piers and berths.

Bali Governor Wayan Koster said that the latest evaluation represents a response to his letter of August 26, 2019, in which the Governor cited failures in the port’s development that are causing environmental damage. Koster urged Pelindo to urgently undertake conservation of the reclaimed areas my planting mangrove trees that have died.

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