Celebrating Basa Bali

Lontar Palm and Balinese Language Festival to Be Held in Karangasem in December 2018
A museum in the village of Dukuh Penaban, Karangasem dedicated to preserving and showcasing the ancient lontar palm books of Bali is rapidly gaining popularity. Innovative approaches to popularizing the Island’s indigenous means of publishing that entailed etchings applied to dried lontar palms threaded between bamboo covers are now being shared with a wider audience via a Balinese language festival – Jambore Bahasa Bali.

Beritabali.com quotes the traditional village leader (Bendesa) of Dukuh Penaban, I Nengah Suarya, who said the coming Jambore Bahasa Bali will involve interested members of the public, and literature and linguistic experts from across the Island. He said the festival would be centered at the Lontar Museum in Karengasem.

The Jambore, set for December, is receiving an enthusiastic reception from the public with more than 1,000 people registering for the only 500 allotted places.

As part of the coming festival, the Lontar Museum at Dukuh Panaban is working in cooperation with the University of Melbourne in Australia in creating durable and suitable storage containers for the ancient lontar palm books

Paper containers that will be bacteria and termite resistant are being made from special paper material to ensure the books are preserved for generations to come.

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