C’est si Bonbon

Recused Baby Orangutan Thriving Under the Loving Care of Bali Safari Marine Park

Indonesian quarantine and conservation official rescued a 2-year-old baby orangutan on Friday, March 23, 2019, that had been heavily sedated and stuffed into the luggage of Zhesykov Andrei - a Russian who was try to smuggle the animal out of Bali to South Korea where plans were to sedate the primate again before taking a connecting flight to Russia.

And while Zhesykov is now in jail in Bali awaiting trial on charges that could result in five years in prison, the orangutan’s future prospects have improved remarkably where government authorities have placed the orangutan, now named “Bonbon,” in the loving care of the team at the Bali Safari and Marine Park (BSMP).

Now far removed from being stuffed into a basket and a suitcase described by government officials as a “very sadistic” situation,

Veterinarians report that Bonbon is progressing well enjoying delicious new fruits such as rambutans and pairs being lavished on him by his carers.

Separated from his mother during capture, Bonbon has develop a close affection for his vet nurse, Dewi, who dedicates each day to his care.

When Bonbon arrived from Bali’s Airport in late March he was suffering from the lingering effects of his deep sedation and a runny nose. Doctors now say the orangutan is showing signs of returning to good health under the close monitoring provided by a team of doctors and nutritionists. To avoid any threat posed by contact with other animals, Bonbon is currently being kept away from other animals at BSMP.

A blood test conducted on March 28th to assess the animal’s general health and reveal his geographical ancestry via DNA typing. Unflustered by the process of blood sampling, Bonbon embraced Dewi, apparently more interested in his bottle of milk than the poking and probing of the medical team.

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