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Police in Bali Arrest Man Who Tried to Rape University Student and Ran Naked for Over 2 kilometers Through Denpasar Prior to Arrest.

Achmad Yahya Nurrochim – a 22-year-old man working in Bali, has been taken into custody by police by the criminal division of the Denpasar Police Precinct who will charge him with attempted rape that occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

As reported by, Achmad allegedly was in the process of burglarizing the lodgings of a 20-year-old female university student when he spotted the young woman fast asleep and attempted to rape the woman. The man removed all his clothing and approached the sleeping woman who awoke and began screaming as she sought help from neighbors.

Fearing arrest and a beating administered by the neighborhood, Achamd hastily fled the scene of the crime, leaving all his clothing behind. The nude young man then made his way through the streets of Denpasar from the young woman’s room located on Jalan Singasari to his place of employment on Jalan Nangka Selatan.

The head of the criminal division of the Denpasar Police, Wayan Arta Ariawan, said: “The perpetrator originally came to rob, entering the room via a locked window. The thief then removed his clothing and approached the sleeping woman. He tried to silence the struggling, screaming woman. The man became frightened and left the boarding house in a naked state at 3:00 am, running towards his place of employment on Jalan Nangka Selatan – a distance of 2 kilometers from the scene of the crime.”

The woman reported this incident to the police who took the man’s abandoned clothing as evidence. Using these traces left at the scene and the woman’s report, police were able to arrest the man at Lumitang Park at 3:30 in the afternoon of the same day.

Police say the man will be charged with an attempted rape under Section 285 paragraph 53 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) punishable by up to 12 years in prison.

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