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Disaster Averted for a Bali Dog

The Tale of Keskes - a Volcano Evacuee with a Tail

Beritabali.com has published a story worth sharing in an English version.

Officials working at the Agency for Disaster Mitigation (BPBD) in Karangasem, East Bali have given the name of “Keskes” to a Balinese street dog that has become a more-or-less permanent fixture at their office for the past year.

Whenever a member of the BPBD-Karangasem calls "Keskes" by name, the dog responds happily, and comes running tail wagging. “Kes…Kes…sini…sini,”  beckoning the dog. will set its tail a-wagging. 

When, however, an unknown stranger enters the office area of the BPBD, Keskes begins barking loudly, alerting all who can hear that a strange guest is about.

How Keskes managed to take up residence at the BPBD Office is a story in itself.  The Operations Director of BPBD-Karangasem, Ida Ketut Arimbawa, tells how Keskes was once a free-roaming, ownerless Balinese dog that located itself at a BPBD Emergency Logistic Station in Tanah Ampo in Manggis, Karangasem during the crisis alert of intense eruptions of the Mount Agung Volcano.

A member of the BPBD Team, working in at the public kitchen established to feed local evacuees, took pity on the animal, setting aside leftovers for the canine on a daily basis. Recognizing a cozy deal, Keskes quickly made the emergency assistance center at Tanah Ampo her home, keeping the BPBD Officials company and guarding the perimeter during the nighttime hours.

About one year ago, the temporary camp was closed and dismantled by BPBD. During the decampment process, one of the BPBD workers took pity on the forlorn-looking animal watching her much-loved BPBD friends prepare to leave. A BPBD officer grabbed the animal and placed it onboard one of the trucks carrying materials back to the BPBD office in Karangasem where the happy tail-wagger now makes her home.

“My colleagues have given the dog the name of ‘Keskes’ because of its skinny and undernourished condition when she entered the emergency coordination post. The dog became a guard dog at the temporary logistic center. When we moved camp, the team took pity when the dog looked confused and sad and decided to bring her back to our Karangasem office,” explained Arimbawa.

(Image: Beritabali.com)

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