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Disqualified Due to Force Majeure

Japanese Runner Dies During 2018 Maybank Bali Marathon

Denpost reports that one of the some 11,600 athletes joining the 2019 Maybank Bali Marathon collapsed and died on the course in the village of Blahbatuh, Bali.

Dead is a Japanese Athlete, Atsushi Ono (58), who fell while running on Jalan Raya Wisma Gajah Mada in Blahbatuh in from of the Puri Ageng Temple on Sunday morning, September 8, 2019.

Marshalls and medical teams, including a doctor and members of the Gianyar Red Cross, immediately responded to the incident and employed CPR. While the Japanese runner briefly resumed breathing before being placed in a waiting ambulance, he was pronounced dead-on-arrival at the nearby Kasih Ibu Hospital in Saba, Blahbatuh.

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