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Don’t be Misguided in Bali

Foreigners Found Working as Tour Guides Face Arrest and Deportation in Bali
As part of a continuing controversy over foreigners working illegally as tour guides in Bali, the head of the Provincial Enforcement Agency (Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja Propinsi Bali), I Made Sukadana, has proclaimed that he will take firm measures against any foreign national caught working illegally as a tour guide while using a tourist visa.

As reported by Beritabali.com, Sukadana, speaking on foreign tourists working as tour guides, said: “This is clearly a violation of Provincial Law No. 5 of 2016 on tour guides. This regulation stipulates that foreign nationals cannot be employed as tour guider, what’s more, (they) misuse a visitor’s visa valid only meant for tourism visits.”

Sukadana said his office’s observations in the field suggest misbehaving travel agents are employing foreign nationals to work as guides. He said action is being taken against unlicensed travel agency and licensed travel agencies employing foreigners as tour guides.

“We checked in Jimbaran and found a rented house occupied by 11 Chinese nationals, if they are acting illegally we will take action by pursuing, surveilling, and arresting them. We will absolutely take action,” said Sukadana.

Sukadana explained that people working, as guides in Bali must hold a formal license in the form of an identity card showing them to be a guide issued by the Tourism Department. Foreigners on tourist visas are not allowed to work in Bali and no one is allowed to work as a guide without a tour guides license that can only be issued to Indonesian nationals.

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