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Benoa Bay Corruptor Loses Appeal; Cohorts Go Unpunished.

Former Bali Chamber of Commerce Chairman Gets Knock-Down Punch From Bali High Court

A major corruption case surrounding the development of the Benoa Port area is back in the news as the former chairman of the Bali Chapter of the Chamber of Commerce (KADIN), Anak Agung Ngurah Alit Wiraputra (52), who was sentenced to 2 years in prison for fraud on August 15, 2019, had his appeal of that sentence rejected by the Bali High Court. In rejecting Wiraputra’s appeal, the court also chose to increase the original sentence from 2 to 3 years.

The original prison sentence was handed down in the Denpasar District Court for Wiraputra’s involvement in fraud surrounding securing government permits and licenses in connection with the development of the Port of Benoa in South Denpasar.

At the time of the original trial, Wiraputra publicly complained of the selective application of the law, citiny the Court's failure to bring to trial Putu Pasek Sandos Prawirottama and his associates for their involvement in the fraud. Sandos is the son of former Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika. During the course of the trial, testimony was offered alleging Sandoz was paid Rp. 16 billion to facilitate the licensing and permit process for the Port. The Rp. 16 billion was defrauded from Sutrisno Lukito Disastro who was seeking an official recommendation to be named as the developer of the port project.

In the original trial, State Prosecutors sought a sentence of 3.5 years for Alit Wiraputra but was only sentenced by the panel judges to 2 years. Seeking a second bite from the apple, Alit appealed the original decision to the Denpasar High Court only to see the Court affirmed his guilt and increased the sentence to 3 years.

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