Getting Up a Head of Steam

Bali Governor Wants to Tap into Geothermal Power Despite Protests from Residents in Island's Mountain Lake District of Bedugul

RadarBali reports that due to growing electrical demand has left Bali teetering on the edge of an electrical shortage crisis, a crisis Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster wants to overcome with the clean energy source of geothermal energy.

A recent Gubernatorial Regulation provides for geothermal energy sources (PLTP) but this is at seeming contradiction with the Provincial Zoning Law (RTRW) that makes no provision for the erection of Geothermal Generation Stations in Bedugul where viable underground steam vents are located.

Efforts are being made by the Governor and the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources to mediate the regulatory impasse presented by Bedugul or tap into other Bali geothermic hot spots at Banyuwedang, Buleleng, or in Batur, Bangli.

A provincial spokesman was quick to point out that any eventual decision to create geothermal power generation plants in Bali would only be done after the completion of detailed feasibility and environmental impact studies

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