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Grounded Pilot with Time on His Hands

Disgraced Former Wing Airs Pilot Tells Police He is Note a Thief, But a Kleptomaniac

Putra Setiaji, the 21-year-old “former” Wings Air Frist Officer arrested for stealing a wrist watch from the Inti Dufree Promosindo outlet in the Domestic Departure Terminal at Bali’s Airport on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, is seeking leniency from the Denpasar Courts, pleading he is a chronic kleptomaniac, unable to control the urge to commit larceny.

The young man is still being examined by police and psychiatric experts in connection with the shoplifting of a watch valued at Rp. 4.95 million.

Police say that they are waiting for the completion of evidence reports so the case can be brought to trial where Setiaji could face 5 years in prison.

During the investigation of the crime, the man’s parents have supported his claim of being a kleptomaniac. Police, however, have been unable to find a cache of stolen items from previous thefts that would support the claim.

The former pilot, apparently dismissed from his job by the Lion Air Group, lives in West Jakarta and had just accompanied his pregnant wife to their home and was in Denpasar when he visited the Duty Free Shop and committed the crime.

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