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Lion Air Pilot Grounded in Surabaya for Physical Assault of Hotel Worker Over Poor Laundry Service

Following the publication on Youtube.com and other social media channels of a video showing a Lion Air pilot losing self-control and repeatedly striking an employee of the Hotel La Lisa Surabaya on Tuesday morning, April 30, 2019 the pilot was grounded.

As reported by Merdeka.com and Kumparan News, the pilot, identified only by the initials “AG”, was immediately grounded by Lion Air management when videos and news reports showed the pilot striking a male member of the hotel staff when he reportedly became unhappy with wrinkles in his just laundered uniform shirt.


On May 2, 2019, Danang Mandala Prihantoro, Corporate Communications-Strategic for Lion Air, confirmed the pilot has been grounded pending the results of an investigation and an assessment of his mental status and fitness to command an aircraft. Danang indicated the pilot may eventually be discharged from his employment, pending the final results of the investigation now underway.

The physical assault by the pilot caught on a CCTV camera shows the uniformed pilot complaining about the quality of laundry service from the Hotel La Lisa Surabaya and actually entering the area behind the hotel’s reception counter to repeatedly strike the hapless hotel worker several times.

The general manager of the Hotel, Rahmi D. Pris, refused comment on the incident that reportedly occurred at his hotel that is used to overnight air crew. Adding: “Sorry, I am not going to issue any kind of statement. Whatever is in the media was uploaded by the news media. (This coverage) is not our responsibility. I will make no statement.”

Reports on Social Media (Face book) have identified the grounded pilot as Arden Gabriel Sudarto.