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Lifeboats and Life Vests for Every Passenger

Pelni KM Lawit Passenger Ship Sailing Delayed from Bali Due to Insufficient Safety Equipment

Augustinus Maun, the Port Master (Syahbandar) and Port Authority Office (KSOP) at Benoa in South Bali, demonstrated a seldom-seen level of professionalism when he delayed the sailing of the PELNI KM Lawit for Bima, Sumbawa on Friday, May 31, 2019, because the State-owned vessel full of passengers seeking to return home for the Lebaran Holidays failed to carry the amount of life-saving equipment required under law.

As reported by Beritabali.com, extra efforts to ensure vessels carrying homecoming travelers were seaworthy was carried out at the express instructions of the Ministry of Transportation.

“Every ship leaving with passengers must fulfill all the standards for seaworthiness. The KM Lawit did not have enough survival equipment, making it necessary to delay its departure. We worked together with PT Pelni to meet the necessary minimum lifesaving equipment requirements to match the number of passengers on board,” said Maun.

The KM Lawit with the capacity to carry 1,000 passengers was originally scheduled to depart from Bali to Bima at 9:00 am, but was delayed until 11:54 am until sufficient additional lifesaving equipment could be boarded.

This strict application of international standards on ship safety is a major change from the Ministry of Transportation’s policy during past holiday period.  Prior to the administration of President Widodo, official decrees were issued allowing shipping companies and port authorities “legally” exceed rules and regulations on maximum passenger totals during peak holiday periods.

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