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I apologize. I was wrong. I was emotional. I am a woman.”

U.K. National is a Changed Woman as She is Moved to Kerobokan Prison in Bali to Finish Her Prison Sentence for Assault.

Auj-e Taqaddas, the English woman and cancer researcher who has languished behind bars in Bali since July 28, 2018, is back in the news.

Taqaddas, who had overstayed her visa for more than 60-day, became enraged when being processed for criminal breach of immigration rules struck the face of a young immigration officer and tried to ransack an immigration interview room at Bali’s airport. The State News Agency Antara reports that Auj-e Taqaddas was moved from police detention to the women’s section at the Kerobokan Prison on Wednesday, May 29, 2019.

A representative of the Badung Regency Prosecutor’s Office, Waher Tulus Jaya T., told the press on May 30, 2019: “Following an appeal decision (affirming the earlier verdict, on May 8th), the convict can now complete her sentence in accordance with the law. Her incarceration begins being counted from this day forward for 6 months.” The original sentence of 6 months was handed down on January 28, 2019. Ironically, that sentence would now be over less time served had the Englishwoman accepted verdict and not lodged an appeal.

Waher Tulus told the press that there has been a noticeable improvement in the woman's behavior and personal deportment of Auj-e Taqaddas, who was disruptive and disrespectful to judges and prosecutors throughout the trail process.

Taqaddas was accompanied on her move from police headquarters to the Kerobokan Prison by her trial attorney Ivonne Juliani Veronica Purba. At one point during the course of her trial, Taqqadas screamed at the judges that she was, in fact, an attorney. No biographical information exists to back up Taqaddas’s claim of legal training.

The attorney told the press that her clients now freely admits the error of her ways seeks certainty under the law so she can complete her sentence and return home. Quoting Taqaddas, Purba said: “I apologize. I was wrong. I was emotional. I am a woman.”

Upon her arrival at Kerobokan prison, Taqaddas was placed in an isolation cell with 5 other foreign prisoners for a week of observation before being transferred to general prison population.

Finally found guilty under the law, Taqaddas was sentenced to 6 months prison.

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