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Latest Installment in Continuing Trial of UK Woman in Jail in Bali Since July 2018 for Slapping an Immigration Officer at Bali’s Airport

RadarBali,, and The State News Agency Antara all carried coverage of the latest theatrics presented at the court appearance of 45-year-old Auj-E Taqaddas - the UK woman who physically assaulted an Indonesian Immigration officer at Bali’s Airport in July 2018.

After the most recent session was delayed several days due to illness, Auj-E Taqaddas appeared  in the Denpasar Court on Wednessday, January 16, 2019, to present her legal defense  and refute evidence presented in earlier proceedings.

In making her defense, Taqaddas told presiding judge Estar Oktavi that she had no intent of striking the immigration officer, but was agitated and “forced” into doing so by inappropriate actions performed by officials handling her case of overstayng her visa for 3 months.

At the same time, Taqaddas said she felt compelled to slap the the man's face, insisting that her human rights must be respected. Prior to slapping the immigration official, Tagaddas claimed she was “tortured” twice; once in the airport immigrations office and once in the immigration detention center in Jimbaran. She said she had supplied photographs to the judges to support her claims of torture and assault.

She told the Court that in the case at hand – the police and prosecutors had acted unjustly. Moreover, she said her reports of torture and abuse were not acknowledged by the authorities.

As a result, she continued, she had suffered great financial loss.

Tagaddas said two sets of tickets she had purchased to travel out of Indonesia had not been used and now had no value. She place the loss value in air ticket at 7,000 Pound Sterling or approximately Rp. 127 million.

She told the judge that she had tried to obey the laws of Indonesia, but that she had been treated very badly. Adding: “No one gets angry without a clear reason.”

In presenting her defense before the Court, she asked the judge to release her from prison and refuse the demand for one year’s prison from the public prosecutor. She asked the court to reimburse the financial losses she had suffered.

The UK Woman also demanded that the Court order the immigration staff to make a public apology for their actions. “I ask the Court to order the immigration office to formally apologize to me because they had provided false information, refused to answer my questions, and twice refused me permission to leave this Country. They should (also apologize) for physically assaulting me on several occasions and for acting unprofessionally,” Tagaddas said as quoted by

In the latest court session, Taqaddas once again stated that because she had written to Immigration offices both in Jakarta and Bali regarding her 90 day overstay from the time limit granted in her original visa, and, for that reason, she should have not of been apprehended by Indonesian Immigration. The UK woman blamed immigration for not responding to her letters.

Taqaddas apparently considers being confined in an interview room with 10 immigration offices during her questioning as a threatening and intimidating action by the uniformed officers. Similar “assaults”, she claimed, occurred while in immigration detention in Jimbaran.

In addition to the lost value of air tickets, the U.K. Cancer Researcher said her imprisonment in Indonesia has caused her lost business opportunities and resulted in personal stress. She also asked for compensation from immigration and police to reimburse her living costs during her more than 6 months of detention.

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