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Protecting Local Village Market Stalls

Koster Vows to Close Illegal Franchised Convenience Stores and Refuse Permit Extensions for All Convenience Stores Holding Current Licenses

Bali Express reports that Provincial Regulation (Perda) Number 4 of 2019 on traditional villages is in effect as of Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

The regulation comprised of 18 chapters and 104 articles includes rules limiting the operation of franchised convenience stores (toko modern). It is alleged that in the Regency of Gianyar there are tens of convenience stores operating without legal permits. Bali’s Governor Koster has recently affirmed that any convenience store lacking the required permits and licenses must be closed. Adding: “We have imposed a moratorium on new permits for convenience stores. Those that have permits will not have their permits extended. Those that have no permits must be quickly closed.”

According to the Governor, there are some 90 convenience stores with legal permits operating in the Regency of Gianyar, while the rest have no legal permits and must be closed immediately. This measure is being taken by the Governor to safeguard locally owned businesses and fulfill a campaign promise made by the Governor to strengthen the traditional villages of Bali.

Speaking to the press, the Governor reminded his political network not to involve themselves in “backing” franchised convenience stores. Underlining his intent, Koster said he would not hesitate to terminate the party membership of any PDIP member found to be trying to protect a convenience store from closure.

In response, the Regent of Gianyar, I Made Mahayastra, assured he will soon implement the Governor’s instructions. He said his commitment was in keeping with the desire of the Governor. To that end, Mahayastra said that dating from his election as a Deputy Regent he had already begun to limit permits for franchised convenience stores. Adding: “For a long time I have been firm in handling convenience stores. Accordingly, since my election as Regent, I have not issued a permit for a single franchised convenience store.”

Mahayastra assure there were no members of the PDIP Party in Gianyar back or protecting franchised convenience stores.

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