Red River Rolling

Textile Factory Turns Main River in Denpasar Blood Red Following Illegal Discharge of Untreated Dyes.

Radar Bali reports that a batik printing operation located on the banks of the Tukad Badung River was temporarily sealed and closed by the Municipal Government of Denpasar after the company directly released untreated red dye into the river that is one of the main supplies for water that, once treated, supplies fresh water for South Bali.

The incident that occurred on Monday, November 25, 2019, much of the river a bright shade of red.

The textile factory operated by Ibu Haji Nurhayati is located on Jalan Pulau Misol I, Number 23 in Denpasar. As reported by Radar Bali, the red dye used in making batik prints should have been first placed in storage tanks for treatment before being discharged by the textile factory. Instead, the chemical compound was released directly into the Tukad Badung turning the river a blood-red color.

Government officials proclaimed anger over the chemical dye spillage. The degree of that anger, if measured in the amount Ibu Haji Nurhayati was fined by the Municipality, was a minuscule Rp. 2 million.

The head of the Environmental and Hygiene Department for Denpasar, Ketut Wisada threatened any further infraction of waste and industrial by-product disposal could result in the closure of the factory.

No details were provided by the Denpasar authorities on the specifics of the red dye that contaminated the river. Two of the most widely used red dyes, Red 40 and Red 3, are widely known to be carcinogenic.

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