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Russian Roulette Gone Terribly Wrong

Police Shoot Dead One Russian from 7-Man Gang Involved in Tanjung Benoa Armed Robbery

Police in Bali believe a total of 7 Russian tourist were involved in the armed robbery of BMC PT Bali Maspintjirna on Jalan Pratama on Tanjung Benoa of Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

The amount of money stolen in the night time robbery is put at Rp. 900 million in local and foreign currency. Three employees of the money changer were tied up and beaten in the course of the robbery.

Police from the Denpasar precinct together with special agents from the Transnational Organized Crime Section of the Provincial Police managed to identify the robbers, shooting one Russian dead during the arrest process. Of the thee Russian perpetrators arrested by police, one was shot to death while being taken into custody while the remaining two are in critical condition. A fourth, who supposedly fled the scene of the arrest, was driving a car and seen to be carrying a SS1 military-style rifle used in the robbery.

The dead Russian has were initially identified by police as Alexei Korotkikh (43) and the two men in custody as Georgii Zhukov (39) dan Robert Haupt (41). A manhunt for all those involved in the robbery remains underway.

Police have also confiscated magazines for SS1 rifles, 7 passports, a sword, screw driver, rain coat, gloves, shies and several handbags.