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Governor Orders Akame Seafood Restaurant at Benoa to be Closed by 2020

Following recent edicts by Bali’s Governor to halt further reclamation and environmental damage at Bali’s southern port of Benoa, the Governor has also angrily ordered that the permit for the Akame Seafood Restaurant at the entrance to Benoa not be extended beyond its current end date of 2020.

As reported by, Governor Koster said on Saturday, September 7, 2019, that the area occupied by Akame must be returned to a natural status when the restaurant’s contract ends in 2020.

In addition to closing the Akame Resto, Governor Koster is demanding that the Port of Benoa be used as a seaport with any remaining areas reserved as a “green zone.”

“The development of Benoa is allowed only in support of its main function as a port. Outside of that, business activities such as hotels, villa, restaurants, malls and such are not allowed. What remains must be green, open areas,” said Governor Koster. 

The Governor has also pledged to investigate the legality and lease status of the helicopter base operating near the Akame Restaurant.

Earlier the Governor ordered that 85-hectare reclamation site at the Benoa Port be halted due to the environmental damage caused to an area of  17-hectares through the failure of Pelindo III to adequately protect the surrounding mangrove preserve. Pelindo III is being blamed by Ridwan Djamaluddin of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs for depositing noxious sediment outside of an area designated as ‘Dumping Site 2’ that has destroyed large areas of the precious mangrove forest.

Accordingly, PT Pelindo III has been forbidden to continue to expand its area of reclamation and to mitigate the effects of past mistakes and restore the ecological balance in the Port area.

It is unclear if PT Pelindo will be required to undertake a very costly removal of the contaminated and toxic landfill in order to try to undo the environmental catastrophe the have perpetrated on the southern shore of the Island of Bali.

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