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She Fought the Law and the Law Found Her Dumb

British Woman Begins 6-Month Prison Sentence After a Year of Legal Confrontation

Balidiscovery.com coverage on the continuing imprisonment of U.K. National Auj-E Taqaddas, who was moved on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 from police custody to the Kerobokan Prison to begin a six month sentence for the criminal assault on an immigration official committed on July 28, 2018, generated questions surrounding on how, at the end of her 6-month sentence, Taqaddas will have spent some 1.5 years in custody.

The transfer of the emotionally erratic Ms. Taqaddas to the Women’s Section of the Kerobokan Prison from custody at Bali Police Headquarters took place after the Englishwoman’s appeal to the Denpasar High Court was denied. Under Indonesian law, technically the formal sentence imposed by the Court only commences once the appeal process is ended.

Public Prosecutor I Nyoman Triarta Kurniawan told Radar Bali: “With the appeal denied by the Denpasar High Court Auj-E Taqaddas must undergo six months of imprisonment.” Appeal decision now in hand, the six month sentence commenced on Wednesday, May 29, 2019.

Had Taqaddas accepted her original conviction handed down by the Denpasar District Court on Wednesday, February 2 2019, she would now be preparing for (or already received) release from Jail.

The time spent in immigration detention does not count towards “time served” and is viewed as time spent in protective detention.

During one of her trial proceedings, the angry and mean-spirited Ms. Taqaddas screamed: “Law enforcement in Indonesia is corrupt. I hope Indonesia is swept by a tsunami.”

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