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Governor Want Shop, Hotels and Restaurants to Promote Local Products and Produce

In order to maximize the effectiveness of Provincial Regulation Number 99 of 2018 on the Marketing and Use of Agricultural Products, Fisheries and Local Bali Industries Governor Wayan Koster has issued a further circular memorandum Number 5774 of 2019 that now requires hotels, restaurants, and modern markets and supermarkets to prioritize the use of products produce by the Island’s industries and farmers.

The memorandum was announced by Secretariat of the Island’s Governor on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

As reported by, the instructions issued by the Island’s Chief Executive contained four main points in the instructions it provided government agencies, businesses and Island stakeholder organizations:

  1. All parties are asked to jointly socialize the implementation of Gubernatorial Decree Number 99 of 2018.
  2. All branches of the provincial government are instructed to prioritize the use of locally grown and produced agricultural products, seafood, and locally produced products in every ceremony and activity held in Bali.
  3. Hotels and restaurants are now required to use a minimum of 30% Bali-produced agricultural and fishery products and a minimum of 20% Bali-products for their other needs. Meanwhile, supermarkets and retail shops must make sure that 60% of the agricultural products come from Bali and 20% of all other products they sell must come from Bali.
  4. The Governor’s memorandum also specifies that items purchased directly from farmers, fisheries and local handicraft makers must be a minimum 20% above the production cost. Payment to local producers must be made on delivery.

The Governor also recommends the use of the slogan “Love Made in Indonesia Products; Use Products from Your Own Region” in order to instill pride in the heart of consumers in using items of local produce and manufacture.

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