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Suspending Suspended Animation

Plans for Cable Car Attraction in Kintamani Area of Bali Vetoed by Local Community

Tribun-Bali.com reports that plans by a Russian investor to construct a suspended cable-car system in the Gunung Abang area of Kintamani in Bali has reached an impasse due to protests from residents of the area who say the attraction will violate the sanctity of a local religious site.

A village chief (Perbekel) from Abang Batudinding, I Made Diksa, said the rejection of the planned suspended cable car attraction has come from the Village of Banjar Dukuh – Desa Aband Batudinding, and the Villages of Abang Songan and Desa Suter.

Speaking at a meeting attended by some 490 people in Banjar Dukuh, Diska said local citizens attending meetings held in September and most recently on October 10, 2019, were unanimous in their opposition to the proposed cable car attraction.

The opposition to the Cable Car is linked to the large number of Balinese temples located in the area of Banjar Dukuh, Desa Abang Batudinding, Desa Abang Songan, and Suter. Villages are concerned that the cable cars would defame and degrade the sanctity of the religious sites. Villagers are also concerned that the cable car operation would negatively impact environmentally an area prone to landslides.

There are the Kawitan Tuluk Biyu Temple, the Dukuh Sakti Temple, and Paceburan (Sapu Jagud) Holy Water Sources located at the base of the mountain and where investors proposed to erect the proposed cable car. Representatives from the affected communities plan to bring their objections and rejection of the plan to the Regent of Bangli and, in turn, Bali’s Governor.

A local working group formed to deal with the proposed cable car project has said that due to widespread objections, there is little choice but to abandon the planned construction of the Cable Car that its developers promised would provide employment for 3,000 people.

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