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Telling Our Tales in Balinese

BasaBali Wiki Translating Indonesian Tales and Children’s Stories into Balinese

As reported by Beritabali.com, the BASAbali Wiki website launched a new platform on Sunday, February 24, 2019, that is promoting the translation of children storybooks on the Asia Foundation website.

I Wayan Suardiana, the head of the translation team at Bali Wiki who is also a professor in language and culture at Bali’s Udayana University, explained the translation of Indonesian children’s stories into the Balinese language is being undertaken to ensure the Balinese language continues to develop apace with a changing world.

“During the annual ‘bulan bahasa’ (language month) there are a number of planned activities, one of which is bringing the Balinese language to the World Wide Web. The goal is to create an online Balinese dictionary,” Suardinana explained.

“The world of the millennial generation focuses on the Internet and social networking and we are working to bring the Balinese language into the modern online environment of Bali’s young millenials,” said Suardiana. This work is being carried out by Balinese language experts, teachers, and scholars of Bahasa Bali.

Meanwhile, I Ketut Ngurag Sulibra, who is a member of the Balinese expert team and a professor of literature in Udayana University’s Culture Faculty, said the translation project was a necessary development for the Balinese language and Balinese literature.

“There are stories and tales from outside Bali, both in terms of setting, place and characterization - all not found in Bali. The characters will remain ‘outside’ Bali but will now speak in Balinese. That is the purpose (of the project) is to draw the attention of Bali’s young generation into a wider use of Balinese,” said Silibra.

Organizer say that through projects such as these the Wiki online Balinese Dictionary will grow in content and importance, earning a place of respect and admiration in the hearts of young meillenials.

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