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We’ve Had an ‘Overdosis’ of Theordosios!

Australian Tourist Theordosios Mahanidis Beats Balinese Man Because he Didn’t Like the Way He Looked at Him

A 41 year-old Australian tourist, Theordosios Mahanidis, is being held temporarily by police in Kuta, Bali for physically assaulting a Balinese man, I Komang Agus Candra Buana (26), in front of a convenience store located on Jalan Dewi Sartika II in Seminyak.

The potentially felonious assault took place on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 4:35 pm.

As reported by NusaBali, Mahanidis became angry with the way the Balinese man was reportedly looking in his direction, prompting the Australian to begin verbally abusing the local man. While Buana initially ignored the Australian, he eventually tried to defuse the situation by apologizing for any misunderstanding that might have occurred.

The Australian who was staying at Dewi Saraswati III in Seminyak became further enraged at the offered apology and proceeded to beat and push the Balinese man. Such was the force of the attack that the Balinese suffered cuts, abrasions, scratches and bruises to his face. A number of foreigners standing near the attack tried to pull Mahandis off the young Balinese man, their efforts apparently only serving to intensify the assault on the now bleeding Balinese.

Komang Agus Candra Buana immediately reported to the Denpasar Police Criminal Division and file a complaint against the Australian. In response, police conducted a crime scene investigation, interviewed witnesses, took the victime to a hospital for a forensic examination, and then collected the Australian for a police interview.

A spokesman for the Denpasar Police Precinct, I Wayan Karnada, confirmed to the press that a police report had been filed in the case. Refusing to comment further, Karnada said: “It’s true we have a report. We are still developing the case. If we are done, he (the Australian) will be released.”

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