Rules Update: Indonesian Domestic Travel

The National Task Force for COVID-19 (Satgas) issued a circular memorandum on Monday, 26 July 2021 (SE Nomor 16 Tahun 2021) that stipulates domestic travel rules in Indonesia during the current pandemic. reports that the circular memorandum was issued to sharpen monitoring, tighten control, and enhance evaluation of the COVID-19 situation to prevent the spread of the virus. The memorandum will tighten procedures and protocols surrounding domestic travel on the range of transportation modes available in Indonesia.

Domestic travelers in Indonesia must wear a face mask properly, covering both the nose and mouth. The proper masks should be medical masks constructed of three layers of cloth.

Travelers are also forbidden to hold telephone conversations or face-to-face conversations for the duration of the period they are traveling on public land transportation, trains, ships, ferry crossings, and air transportation.

Air travelers involved in trips of less than two hours are forbidden to consume food and drink during the journey. The prohibition on consuming food and beverage does not apply to travelers who are taking medication by mouth.

Rules for Domestic Travel

Effective 26 July 2021, domestic travelers in Indonesia are obligated to obey the following rules and regulations:

Aircraft Traveling in PPKM 3 and 4 Zones

Travelers undertaking long-haul travel by air between Java and Bali, and other areas designated by the Minister of Domestic Affairs designated as “Level 3” and “Level 4”, are required to presents a vaccination certificate proving that at least the first injection has been received.

Ships, Private Vehicles, Public Transport, Ferry Crossings, and Trains in PPKM Zones 3 and 4.

Members of the public traveling by ship, private vehicles, public transport, ferries, and trains in PPKM Zones 3 and 4 must also present a certificate of vaccination showing at least that the first dosage has been administered. 

Those traveling on these modes of transportation must also hold and present a certificate certifying a “negative” result for a Rapid Test-PCR that was performed within 48 hours before departure or a “negative” rapid test antigen performed within 24 hours of departure.

Aircraft Traveling in or Between PPKM 1 and 2 Zones

Those traveling by air within or between PPKM Zone 1 or PPKM Zone 2 are required to present a certificate certifying a “negative” result for a Rapid Test-PCR or “negative” rapid test antigen result that was performed within 48 hours before departure.

Ships, Private Vehicles, Public Transportation, Ferries, and Trains Traveling in or Between PPKM 1 and 2 Zones.

Those traveling by ship, private vehicle, public transportation, ferries, and trains within or between PPKM Zone 1 and PPKM Zone 2 must present a “negative” result from an RT-PCR test performed 48 hours before departure or a “negative” result of a rapid test antigen done within 24 hours of departure.

Routine Travel with a Single Zone or Agglomerated Zone.

Members of the public undertaking routine travel using public land transportation, private vehicles, or trains within a single zone or population center (agglomerated zone) are only required to show a statement of the purpose of their travel (STRP).

Age Limitations

Children under the age of 12 years are temporarily banned from partaking in domestic travel.


The requirement to carry and present a vaccination certification for at least the first dosage of COVID-19 vaccine is exempted for those traveling in logistics and goods transportation. “Pioneering” forms of transport in border areas of Indonesia with limited means of transport are exempted from presenting vaccination cards under local rules and regulations.

Special Ad Hoc Rules and Regulations

Government ministries, agencies, provincial administrations, and municipalities are empowered to implement selective criteria and conditions in their jurisdictions.