Tanah Lot Totals Tumble Over Holidays

During the first weeks of May 2021, including the Lebaran Holidays, domestic visitor totals at the iconic Tanah Lot Temple in East Bali declined 40% from a “new normal” level of 800 people per day to just 450. The arrival figures covered the period 6-17 May, including the Idul Fitri Holidays.

NusaBali.com quotes the head of promotion and development for the Tanah Lot Complex, Ni Made Suarniti, who said on Monday, 17 May 2021: “During the Lebaran Holiday 13-14 May 2021, the number of tourist visitors totaled 2,600, but during the period 1-16 May the average number of visitors declined 40% when compared to the 1-16 April 2021.”

The last-minute decision by the Central Government to ban “mudik” or “homecoming” travel during the Lebaran Holidays was cited as contributing to reduced visitor numbers at the Tanah Lot Temple. As a result, most of the 2,600 visitors to Tanah Lot during the Lebaran Holidays were comprised of people living in Bali.

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