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Tuesday is Endek Cloth Day in Bali

Bali Proclaims Every Tuesday is Endek Bali Day.

To celebrate the acquisition of a Certificate of Intellectual Communal Property as a Traditional Cultural Expression from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster has issued a proclamation declaring that each Tuesday, the general public and officials should wear Bali’s native cloth – Endek Bali.

The Governor’s edict was signed on 23 February 2021 (Surat Ederan Nomor 04 Tahun 2021). 

In announcing the new policy, Governor Koster listed five considerations that prompted him to make every Tuesday the day to wear Endek Bali:

Bali Post reports that Governor Koster is urging vertical organizations, higher learning places, Bali’s Regents and Mayor, local organizations, and public organizations to show their appreciation for Endek Bali by wearing the quintessential Balinese cloth every Tuesday. Certain religious days falling on particular Tuesdays – such as full moon (Purnama), dark moon (Tilem), and the anniversary of Province’s finding – are exempted from the mandate.

The Governor desires for Bali to take Endek Bali to heart and use the cloth to celebrate special activities and events across the Province. 

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