U-20: More than US$250 Mn Down the Drain?

As reported by the State News Agency Antara, the Tourism Minister’s calculation of losses is based on the renovation of stadia nationwide to host match play performed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Public Housing has cost the State more than Rp. 500 billion.

“The income target based on the anticipated 2-2.3 million spectators to attend match play across six cities in Indonesia will represent a minimum loss of Rp. 3.7 trillion,” commented Minister Sandiaga at the inauguration of KEK Lido City in Bogor, West Java, on Friday, 31 March 2023.

Sandiaga said international supporters attending as spectators were put at an estimated 50,000 people. The loss in ticket revenues alone from the 2-2.3 million spectators is valued at Rp. 3.7 trillion. This amount does not include transport, accommodation providers, or advertising revenue losses.

Small and Medium-sized enterprises are already actively producing a line of 53 types of branded merchandise, 95% made in Indonesia, which will cost at least a further Rp. 10-20 billion in losses.

The Minister lamented Indonesia’s lost opportunity to host an event that targeted to be of a caliber equal to the last World Cup held in Qatar. Sandiaga continued, saying the revocation of Indonesia’s hosting of the U-20 World Cup will damage the nation’s reputation effectively established via the success of several international events, such as the 2018 hosting of the 18th Asian Games that saw 11,300 athletes from 45 countries compete.

The Tourism Minister said he was optimistic that the damage caused by the cancellation of the U-20 World Cup in Indonesia could be minimalized through the hosting of future events.

“Don’t let our hard-fought good reputation be affected. But, I remain optimistic that if we work together, the devastating and disheartening negative impact (of the cancelation) must also awaken a spirit to quickly ‘move on’ to find new events that will provide the support needed to minimize the fallout,” commented Minister Sandiaga.

Despite the Minister’s optimism, concern is being voiced over whether or not Bali’s Governor will also take umbrage over the participation of two Israeli teams in the World Beach Games in Bali scheduled for 5-12 August 2023, expected to attract 1,584 athletes from 36 countries, including Israel.

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