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Urgent Weather Warning: Bali and Beyond

Rains, Winds, and Lightning PredicTed for Bali Through 06 February 2021.

The Meteorology, Climate, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has issued an extreme weather warning for 23 regions of Indonesia, including Bali, for Friday, 05 February 2021.

Bali’s warning for extreme weather specifies the potential for heavy rainfall, lightning, and strong winds. The severe weather warning follows a 20-year-old Balinese woman’s death after being struck by a lightning bolt in Bangli, Central Bali, on Tuesday, 02 February 2021.

Among the areas cautioned with severe storm warnings are Bali, South Sumatra, West Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java.

A convergence zone conducive to significant rain fronts and powerful winds from the eastern regions of the Natuna Sea to the Indian Ocean stretching along a line from West Java and East Java to the Cape of Carpentaria in Northern Australia. Strong winds, rain, and lightning storms can be expected along the entire convergence zone.

The BMKG Website provides continual updates on the developing weather situation.

Friday, 05 February 2021

The regions warned to expect heavy rains, lightning, and strong winds on Friday, 05 February are:

Saturday, 06 February 2021

The regions warned to expect heavy rains, lightning, and strong winds on Saturday, 06 February are 2021:

BMKG warns that fishermen, sea tourism operators, water transportation users, and people living on shorelines in the affected areas should be on guard through at least Saturday, 06 February 2021.

Bali Situation

Bali’s local BMKG officials are warning people in Bali of the potential for 5-meter waves on the Island’s southern shores, including Jembrana. More generally, Bali can expect to experience heavy rains, winds, and lightning through the entire month of February 2021.

Quoted by NusaBali, the head of the Jembrana Weather Station, Agit Setioko, said on Wednesday 03 February 2021 that they have noted a growing potential for large waves and cyclonic winds over Bali’s southern regions in the preceding few days. Setioko warns that waves may reach a height of 3.5 to 5 meters through Saturday, 06 February 2021.

Setioko repeated a warning issued by BMKG nationally that fishermen, water sports operators, water transportation users, and people living on shorelines exercise extreme caution. 

 Regarding warnings to Bali people to expect heavy rains and severe weather for the entire month of February 2021, Setioko commented that convective cloud formations, including large, lightning-producing cumulonimbus clouds bringing rain and, in some instances, mini cyclones.

Setioko added: “The potential for cumulonimbus clouds continues. This condition is the result of warm ocean water temperatures that creates condensation very favorable to cloud formation. These cloud formations are either convective or cumulonimbus in nature. When you see dark, threatening clouds on the horizon, it is best to avoid those areas.” 

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