Bali Turning the Corner in HIV/AIDS Battle reports that between 1987 and September 2023, a total of 29,380 cases of HIV were recorded on the Island of Bali. In the last year (2023), 1,500 new cases of HIV were counted in Bali.

Data compiled by the Bali Provincial Health Department shows that 12,197 people have received anti-retroviral therapy (ARV) since 1987. 

The Head of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) at the Provincial Health Department, I Wayan Widia, said the number of new HIV cases in Bali continues to decline when compared to previous years. 

Widia reminded the prevention of HIV and AIDS is achieved through avoiding high-risk sexual contact, such as frequently changing partners, failing to use condoms, and sharing injection needles.

The Government has been able to reduce the sharing of needles among illicit drug users. 

Health Ministry officials revealed that the HIV/AIDS epidemic is targeted to end in 2030. The end of the epidemic will be marked by the lack of any new cases, zero deaths linked to the disease, and the elimination of any traces of discrimination or stigmatization against those people with HIV/AIDS. 

Stigmatization against people with HIV/AIDS is seen as a significant barrier to medical treatment. Because of ostracization and discrimination, many people with HIV/AIDS fail to seek needed medical treatment. 

People identified as infected by HIV are treated with ARV to halt the development and spread of the disease and progression to the manifestation of AIDS. ARV treatment was recognized in 1997, and the Indonesian Government began providing free ARV treatment in 2014. 

Before the ability to treat HIV with ARV, people infected with HIV typically died within six months to 2 years. ARV treatment means people infected with HIV can now indefinitely continue to live productive lives with reduced threats of spreading the disease. 

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