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Governor Revises COVID-19 Rules for Bali

Based on input from various sources, including the Airport Authority in Bali, Bali Governor Wayan Koster has revised his 15 December 2020 Circular Memorandum Number 2021 of 2020 requiring PCR Swab Tests for all domestic passengers arriving in Bali through 04 January 2021.

Reacting to criticism and input, reports that Governor Koster has revised the following points:

  1. The original provision requiring a PCR Swab Test for Bali inbound passengers conducted within 48 hours of their departure has now been revised to allow the use of a PCR test completed 7-days before departure.
  2. The circular has also been expanded to allow six categories of air passengers arriving in Bali before 04 January 2021 to be exempted from undergoing a PCR Test, namely:

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