Bali Police 2021: Achievement & Challenges

Bali’s newly appointed Provincial Chief of Police, Inspector General Putu Jayan Danu Putra, has outlined the five main challenges he will tackle as the head of the Island’s constabulary.

As reported by NusaBali, General Jayan Putra’s broad focus in 2021 will be on radicalism, intolerance, and gangster activities.

As reported by NusaBali, the General in charge of the Bali Provincial Police delivered a Year End’s Address on Wednesday, 30 December 2020, at his headquarters in Denpasar, attended by officers in charge of each regency precinct island-wide.

General Jayan Putra listed his five main challenges for 2021:

  1. To ensure the 2020 Regional Elections (PILKADA) safe implementation through the smooth installation of the winners in their respective regions.
  2. To socialize the Government’s efforts to control and end the COVID-19 Pandemic in Bali through supporting mass vaccination programs.
  3. To confront problems of intolerance, radicalism, terrorism, and social conflict within Balinese society. The police pledge to enhance proactive means to detect any of these trends.
  4. To eliminate opportunities for the criminal activities of gangsterism and narcotics through the consistent enforcement of the law.
  5. The Bali police will fully support every government program to rebuild the Island’s tourism industry. This included protecting tourists from the threats of criminality by, among other steps, safeguarding tourist attractions.

General Jayan Putra explained that Bali has one police officer for every 329 citizens. The police’s total personnel in Bali now stands at 12,303 people, with an additional 685 supporting civil servants.

Amidst the continuing pandemic, Bali police report that the number of criminal cases in 2020 declined from the previous year by 32.66%. In 2019, police on the Island recorded 2,921 criminal cases, while as 2020 drew to a close, only 1,927 cases were on the books. Police were able to solve 77.09 of the criminal cases in 2019, improving to 88.08% in 2020.

Bali police handled 762 cybercrime complaints in 2020, encompassing online crime, illegal access, falsified accounts, hoaxing, skimming, online threats, online extortion, defamation, pornography, hate speech, and insult. 

Narcotic cases in Bali in 2020 declined by 14% when compared to 2019. 

Bali’s New Police Chief summarized high-profile cases in his new command in 2020, enumerating: “Six prominent cases (in 2020) involved human trafficking, illegal access to Indonesia by foreign nationals, the arrest of fugitives from the Hungarian government, the arrest of Interpol fugitives involved in criminal acts in the United States, sexual abuse of children by French citizens, and the sexual interference of minors by 11 suspects.”

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