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8 Bali Tourism Officials Fired for Fraud

Following a conviction on criminal corruption charges four months ago, the head of the Buleleng Regency Tourism Office and seven subordinates have been fired as civil servants.

As reported by, the eight now-former tourism officials were found guilty of misusing Rp. 738 million in central government grants intended to relieve Bulelelng’s tourism sector businesses suffering due to the continuing pandemic.

The decision to end the group’s employment as government workers were taken by a special team charged with personnel matters in the Buleleng Regency after the criminal court’s decision was finally declared final. Gede Wisnawa of the Buleleng Regency announced the firing of the eight on Monday, 07 February 2022. The firing was formalized via a letter signed by the Regent of Buleleng sent to the families of the eight officials who remain in prison. 

Wisnawa said the family of the eight attended a meeting convened by the Regency to accept the formal decision of termination.

The prison sentences handed down to the eight tourism officials on 05 October 2021:

The one-year sentences handed down to the seven subordinate officials were less than the 2 to 3 years in prison sought by State Prosecutors. A failure to pay the Rp. 50 million fine by any of the seven will add four months additional prison time to their respective prison sentence. 

The written declarations of “dishonorable discharge” from the civil service take effect from 01 February 2022 and end any salary, allowances, or pension facilities for the eight. 

The eight will receive the benefits of an old-age pension based on their record of payment into the applicable system.

Wisnawa said the eight fired civil servants have the right to file an appeal on their termination decision with the State Administrative Courts (PTUN).

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